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In-House Training & Consultancy Services

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A growing number of public and private sector organisations in the UK and overseas regularly choose Quadrilect as their preferred professional development partner.

So whether you are looking to deliver cost effective on-site training or develop customised learning we can provide the right solution for your needs.

Corporate Annual Training Pass
If you’re making plans for the next year, why not talk to us about our flexible Annual Training Pass?

Available on a sliding scale to suit a wide range of operational needs, the pass can be used exclusively for public courses or a mix of in-house and public programmes.

Bronze                Silver               Gold           Platinum
£5850                £10,500          £17,000         £24,750
17 days             32 days           55 days         86 days
£346.50*           £327.25*         £308.00*        £288.75*

*equivalent to the specified fee rate per day compared to the standard non member fee rate of £480 without a Training Pass.

Please note that corporate passes are valid for 12 months & they exclude qualification application fees
To discuss your requirement please call tel. 07483 348 224 / 760

Our extensive network of trainers and consultants combines leading-edge industry knowledge with in-depth practical experience of facilities management at all levels. Together we can help address a broad range of challenges such as:

  • Refreshing and broadening knowledge and skills
  • Raising professional confidence – and reinforcing a positive identity and vision for Facilities Management
  • Helping to facilitate change
  • Building positive attitudes and cultures
  • Strengthening team relationships, collaboration and communications

We can work independently or in partnership with your operational teams, HR / training or other internal specialists to complement existing corporate programmes – and we can facilitate links to Quadrilect’s public courses, professional qualifications and routes to membership.

Explore some of our current hot topics or use the additional links below to find out more about individual services:

It's great to be part of a dynamic, growth industry like Facilities Management. There have been never been so many opportunities for individuals looking to develop their careers in this exciting field or to acquire new knowledge and professional skills.
But increased choice also means increased complexity.
As an employer it can be difficult to work through the available options and target scare resources wisely to ensure that you are developing the right skills and talents to support your business into the future.