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Good sustainability performance is inherently linked to good management, but sometimes perceptions and cultures get in the way of maximising the benefits for organisations. Going the extra mile will bring rewards in terms of tangible cost savings - and opportunities to compete more effectively at a range of levels.
- Sunil Shah, Quadrilect Ltd's lead trainer in energy and sustainability.

What are your challenges?

Client targets and a grown body of legislation have tended to dominate the agenda for many organisations, often making sustainability a compliance-led issue. But the major focus on meeting regulatory requirements and gaining certification is just the starting point for delivering real business benefits. Our clients tell us that they experience particular challenges around:

  • Prioritising across a very broad range of areas and achieving a clear focus for sustainability initiatives
  • Developing the right approach for the business - with measurable outputs
  • Raising awareness across the organisation and communicating well at all levels to ensure goals and targets are aligned with company values
  • Winning the battle for funding - and justifying payback cycles
  • Engaging effectively with senior sponsors
  • Realising the wider potential benefits by going beyond minimum requirements

How can we help?

By taking a holistic approach, our expert trainers can help embed sustainability concepts and practices successfully into FM operations at every level. We regularly work with end-user and service providers to address both development issues and essential cultural changes, including:

  • Address attitudes and behaviours to help engage staff and key decision-makers in the sustainability agenda
  • Integrating sustainability metrics and measures effectively into wider performance management systems - and tracking beneficial changes
  • Building on existing achievements to take policies and practices to a new level
  • Raising sustainability issues to a more strategic level in design and construction projects
  • Improving internal dialogue and knowledge sharing between FMs and other key stakeholders
Whether your needs are focused on energy efficiency, carbon reduction, waste management or broader Corporate Social Responsibility issues, talk to us today.

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