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Mastering Mobilisation
Deliver successful contract transitions in FM

Flexible Working Act 2023 
Getting the best from your hybrid and remote workers

Net Zero for FMs  
Understand the key concepts to develop a target and roadmap to achieve net zero

Smart Buildings & Artificial Intelligence in FM 
New and emerging technologies that will impact work and the workplace

Delivering Efficiencies in the Workplace

Facilities Managers are constantly under the spotlight when it comes to driving down costs, but how can you ensure that savings are both achievable and risk-limited?


Core Workplace Skills Update  


Managing Good Practice in the 'real world'

Our aim is to de-mystify good practice processes and jargon, share practical experience and insights, and provide the information and tools you need to implement successful plans in FM strategy and delivery.


Understanding FM

Providing a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of FM and a solid base of knowledge, techniques and reference material for Facilities Managers -  read more

Enabling FM Capability for transformational business change

There are many reasons why investing in your professional skills makes good business sense. For you as an individual it increases awareness around your role and any personal risk/liability it may carry, especially around areas of compliance. .. read more

The FM Business School

Develop an understanding of facilities from a strategic perspective in order to enable more effective dialogue with senior management .. read more 

Recommended Competences in FM

We have created a core competence package for those in FM which offers a range of learning packages... read more