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In-House Training

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We can deliver the vast majority of our public training courses in-house – either in a standard format, or as tailored sessions. We can also develop new, bespoke material to fit specific client needs – such as customised case studies and workshops. Our programmes range from single days to modular long-term training designed to support team building and comprehensive up-skilling of staff, so we have the flexibility to meet your needs whatever they may be. And we can deliver training right across the UK and internationally.

For groups of typically between 6 and 15, the in-house option offers great value for money and our fixed price rates mean there are no hidden extras to surprise you.

If you have specialized requirements for specific team members or want to add an extra dimension to your programme, we can also offer tailored coaching and mentoring support for managers at any level. In addition our e-learning solutions can effectively complement face-to-face training as part of a blended solution.

Corporate Annual Training Pass

If you’re making plans for the next year, why not talk to us about our flexible Annual Training Pass?

Available on a sliding scale to suit a wide range of operational needs, the pass can be used exclusively for public courses or a mix of in-house and public programmes.

£5,967         £10,608     £17,160   £25,155
17 days       32 days      55 days   86 days
£351*           £332*        £312*       £293*

*You will automatically qualify for member rate plus the calculated discounts above so these daily fees compare against the non member 1 day fee of £485 per day showing significant savings for your organisation and team.

Please note that corporate passes are valid for 12 months & they exclude qualification application fees

To discuss your requirement please call tel. 07483 348 224 / 760

Where have we helped our recent clients?

Health & Safety – refreshing and extending skills with a special focus on working with contractors on site, understanding fire safety responsibilities and gaining recognised industry qualifications including IOSH.

Energy Management and Sustainability – tailored training to help staff apply company processes more effectively and deliver against challenging targets.

Customer Service – tailored training with a focus on personal attitudes and behaviours to support front-line staff and managers working through change and taking on new roles. Our training has also helped to build and improve team working and collaboration.

Letting and Managing FM Contracts – tailored training to improve technical knowledge of the contracting process in line with industry good practice, plus ways of building stronger and more effective relationships with service partners.

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