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Level 3 FM Supervisor Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship prepares an individual for managing one or more facilities services. All apprentices will be required to supervise others; to understand the contractual requirements and service delivery targets between their employing organisation and the client/customer in order to achieve service targets. The apprentice will have to provide customer service skills and be proactive in finding solutions to problems.

What are the objectives?

Upon achievement, the apprentice will be able demonstrate full competence for a Facilities Management Supervisor, Facilities Management Administrator, Facilities Management Coordinator role through the delivery and understanding of the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

  • FM within the context of the organisation
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Developing relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • Risk Assessment
  • Organising and delegating tasks to meet service requirement
  • Monitoring costs of FM services & meeting budget
  • Procurement of FM supplies and services
  • Resolving customer queries and addressing issue
  • Solving day to day problems to meet targets and requirements
  • Contribute to staff development and manage performanc
  • Ensuring resources are used and maintained efficientl
  • Take responsibility for own development of skills and knowledge
  • Analytical: Systematic in their approach to understanding a problem
  • Customer Focused: Considerate of the needs of users and stakeholders
  • Collaborative: Able to work as part of a team and with a wide variety of stakeholder
  • Effective communicator: Ability to build relationships based on common understanding
  • Flexible: Capable of adapting to changing circumstances and expectation
  • Honest: Truthful in the dealings with stakeholder
  • Methodical: Detailed in the way they go about their wor

How does it work?

  • Initial discussion with apprentice and employer to identify and assess current competences and agree training objectives and future goals.
  • Online induction

* Training via:

  • 4 days face to face training
  • Online learning
  • Remote and online tutorial support

Formative assessment via:

  • Written assessments
  • Short answer question
  • Practical evidence from work
  • Professional discussion
  • Reflective review log
* If you have a group of over 6 apprentices, please call us about in-house delivery options

Checking attainment of: Level 2 English and Maths Apprenticeship objectives, including IWFM level 3 Diploma. All evidence ready and available

Knowledge test that will be sat under invigilated conditions. Competency based interview to assess the knowledge, skills and behaviours

How long does it take?

The duration of the programme typically lies between 18 and 24 months depending on previous experience and progress against the objectives.

How much does it cost?

Assessment, tuition & review including IWFM Level 3 Diploma - £2,880 + VAT
Additional fees will apply for the following:
  • Functional English & Maths [Level 2] if not already held.
  • End Point Assessment [up to 20% of funding band]

Can I use my levy?

Organisations with an annual paybill in excess of £3 Million are required to pay a levy which they can use on apprenticeship training. Quadrilect Ltd is an approved apprenticeship training provider for levy paying employers

Important Notes

The employer will need to commit to the apprentice spending at least 20% of their contracted time to study for the apprenticeship.
Progress against the apprenticeship standard will be monitored jointly by the employer and Quadrilect Ltd against a set study plan via scheduled progress reviews. It is expected the employer will allocate a mentor to support the apprentice and review their progress.